E Liquids make vaping so enjoyable

Hey guys and welcome back to my blog! You know how much I used to smoke and how vaping has helped me overcome my unhealthy addiction and switch to something less harmful. I can only recommend switching to electronic smoking to all smokers out there because my health has increased significantly. I cough less, my fitness is back to normal, and I can smell and taste much better than before! Plus, I love the variety of flavors, and that’s what I want to talk about today. Especially the e liquids from V2 have convinced me, and I almost always use them. They have a great range of flavors with and without nicotine, so be sure to check them out! Just visit https://www.buyv2cigs.co.uk/best-e-liquid and check out their huge variety of different vape juices.

Their liquids range from tobacco over menthol to fruits and extraordinary taste experiences. Their tobacco blends come from all over the world and range from exotic flavors from the middle east to domestic Virginia tobacco. They have over 12 juices, including their brand, Brewell, XEO, Blacknote, and Vape. My favorites that I’ve tried so far (I haven’t tried all of them since they’ve got a ton) are the “Vape Bartender Mohitto,” the V2 Platinum Sahara e liquid, and the Brewell Tobacco Butterscotch. Seriously, there is nothing better than mixing tobacco and butterscotch.

3 e liquid bottels

The popularity of menthol flavor has increased significantly in both traditional smoking, shisha and electronic smoking. No wonder that V2 also has a huge selection for this kind of character. It just has a sort of cooling, and chilling taste to it that I think makes it so attractive. It’s super refreshing, and I like to use it in the summer. There are a ton of brands here as well, ranging from Brewell to V2 over the other named brands. My favorite fluids here include the XEO Minty Grape E Liquid, the Vapor 2 Moon Walk, and Puff Dragon E Liquid, as well as the V2 Platinum Bold Leaf Menthol for an extra refreshing kick. Menthol can cause you to cough quite a bit if you’re not used to it, so if you’re just starting out with vaping, I’d suggest choosing a low menthol liquid.

Now, last but not least, let’s get to the flavors for all sweet tooths out there. The great thing about these is that they contain zero calories or fat, so don’t be scared to indulge fully. Brewell and V2 are acclaimed brands here as well, but there are also excellent companies like Ripe Vapes, Charlies Dream, and Cosmic Fogs. Flavors range from traditional cherry, strawberry, watermelon and lemon flavors over to chocolate, vanilla, and coffee up to wild ones like cheesecake, salted caramel or meringue. I surely love the salted caramel and watermelon, but you best decide for yourself since we are all different.

So, what are your favorite e-juices and selling companies? Have you tried any of the stated above and could maybe give your opinion about them? I love discovering new brands and flavors, so don’t be shy! See you next time for another post on vaping.

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