Five common vaping problems and how to solve them

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog! I hope you had an awesome day and used all of your potentials to get the best out of work, family time and whatever else you did. Remember, we only have one life, and that’s over sooner than most of us think. One reason many people switch from smoking to vaping: They hope that it will extend their lives since it is less harmful and with fewer toxins. But every vaper will encounter some problems at some point, and especially former smokers tend to give up and go back to traditional cigarettes. Before you do that, read my tips on how to get rid of these problems and stick to vaping. It hurts your body less, and nothing comes without some obstacles.

Problem number one has happened to everyone, I swear. It’s when all of a sudden your e-cig starts to taste rather odd, also called the “dry hit.” The solution to this problem is simple and easy since most of the times this means that your liquid tank is empty. Pour more juice in the device and wait a little bit, before taking a drag. The liquid has to settle after the refill and work its way into the atomizer. Another possible reason for strange taste is a worn out or overheated coil. Try refilling the tank first, though, before replacing the coil.

Problem number two is getting e-juice in your mouth. If you’re smoking nicotine, wash out your mouth immediately. The concentration of nicotine in the liquid is much higher than in the vapor that you’re inhaling and can lead to serious health problems. Most of the times this issue means that you overfilled your tank and it’s simply an operating error. Always check that you’re not filling above the airflow point to ensure safe vaping.

The next issue most vapers have to deal with is a sore throat after vaping. Of course, a sore throat can be caused by a multiple of factors. However, you should check that you are not inhaling too often and double-check if the liquid tank is still full. If the soreness continues, you might be allergic or sensitive to the base ingredient propylene glycol – if that’s the case look for fluids with a vegetable base.

If your tank is sounding funny or makes weird gurgling noises, then you are encountering problem number four. Usually, this means that the liquid is overflowing and seeps into air holes, producing the gurgling sound. Clean your device thoroughly, and you should be good as new. Do not overfill your tank, since this can cause this problem as well. If nothing helps, you might need to change the atomizer or the wick.

The fifth problem, and therefore our last, occurs when the device does not produce enough vape. Depending on the circumstances, solving the problem can be charging your battery, choosing a fluid with a higher VG content or you have to switch your device because it’s not powerful enough to create thick vapor. The last happens mostly with cig-a-likes which usually don’t produce a high amount of vape.

Have you encountered any of these problems before? I hope, I could help some of you with this list. See you next time!

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